Oh Look Another Blog

Yes. It's another attempt at blogging


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So this blog marks my third attempt at blogging and my second one using Hugo . The last two have been pretty disastrous. Although the second was slightly more successful as I did manage to actually have one post on it! I think the trouble is I tend to set these blogs up as I wish to play around with part of the technology behind them.

The first attempt

This one was using Ghost and was running on a Digital Ocean droplet. This was when I was first playing around with DO and wanted something quick and easy to install. Ghost seemed like a good option so I setup and secured the droplet then manually installed and setup Ghost. It worked great apart from having issues getting it to send emails. I wrote a few draft posts, never published them and subsequently forgot about the droplet.

By the time I remembered about it and decided to resurrect it I discovered I was locked out of both Ghost and the droplet. The ghost instance couldn’t send me password reminder emails and I had switched computers by this point and had lost the private key used to access that droplet.

Cue the second attempt

I decided to scrap it all and start again. This time I decided to let someone else handle the hosting side. I went for

  • Hugo to build the blog.
  • Github Pages for the hosting side.
  • Cloudflare to handle DNS and ssl certs

The great thing about this setup was that it didn’t cost me a single penny! (Well apart from the subscription to Github that I stared at the same time). As previously stated this blog actually had a published post! I still don’t count this a success as I grabbed the first theme I found that I liked and barely customised it at all but the site had working SSL so I count that as a win.

The final attempt (I hope)

A few months ago my friend Matt reintroduced me to Dokku . I had previously looked at it but never got round to setting it up on an actual server. I now have a better understanding of the world of docker and decided to spin a Dokku instance up on a Scaleway server. I had a play around and it was crazy easy to get apps up and running.

Matt actually has a great post on getting a Symfony app running on Dokku.

It was at this point I decided to try again with the blogging but this time spend some time to find a theme that I liked and actually set it up correctly and then host it on my dokku instance.

And here we are. Hopefully this one will last longer. I think it will as I already have plans for the next few posts. One of which will be on the tech behind this blog.

Till then. Bye